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Sexy call girl changes her life with bitcoin .

For every tear shed, a diamond. The more you hit, the stronger you get. Everything I am today is based on the woman I was in the past.”

Sitting in a red gaming chair, a matching mini mic in her hand, the woman on screen shares the day’s financial news.

Known by hundreds of thousands of viewers on Instagram, YouTube and other platforms, it continues with its latest update on the world of digital currency.

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The vibe is relaxed and pragmatic – part commentator, part coach – a stark contrast to the boisterous crypto brethren who dominate the room with their lunar, never-sold evangelism.

On this day, she warns her audience – many investment newbies – that the cryptocurrency projects they cherish may not be available in the next few days.

Just because they plan to change the world doesn’t mean they have the skills to do so.

Emma decided to stop being a prostitute in 2018 when she concluded that online marketing jobs started to make more money than programs.

She guarantees that the whole experience was transformed into learning. The themes became 5 online courses, will be launched soon in Las Vegas – USA) and lectures.

She belongs to a new class of influencers chronicling the upheavals of global markets, where online personalities like TheBlockchainBoy and BitBoy Crypto promise to demystify cryptocurrency for the masses and redefine how young viewers receive their financial news and analysis.

But like many women with significant online reach, she says she is the target of relentless abuse and harassment, much of it motivated by sexism and misogyny.

To protect herself, she does not use her real name in her public work, although she has agreed to allow the NDO Post to use her middle name, Emma.

As Cryptocurrency Goes Crazy, Fears Rise of Who Could Get Hurt

The rapid rise of crypto-financial influencers coincides with the explosive growth of cryptocurrency, where the rush for cash has created a $1.3 trillion market.

Last week highlighted extreme market volatility as hundreds of billions of dollars in value evaporated on news of China’s crackdown on bitcoin mining operations and then quickly recovered.

But holders of digital currencies have overarching interests and motivations. Some are drawn to the libertarian spirit that would do away with centralized financial intermediaries such as banks and money transfer companies.

Others identify with the entrepreneurship and innovation communities associated with blockchain technology, the systems of record that underpin cryptocurrency networks.

But many financial luminaries, including billionaires Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, corporate executives and government officials, remain skeptical, citing rampant speculation in cryptocurrency markets and high demands on energy assets as reasons to stay away.

Still, interest from institutions and individuals is growing, fueled in part by figures like Tesla CEO Elon Musk and political figures like the governor of Texas, the mayor of Miami and the president of El Salvador.

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Streamers like Rochelle offer beginners an entryway for cryptocurrencies and experienced investors an in-the-weeds analysis.

They serve as an information channel, traders guide and virtual entertainment, breaking down mysterious topics or resuming the drama that unfolds on the price charts.

In three years, – The weekly trading shows will be published on YouTube and will publish several videos daily on TikTok – has amassed a considerable audience: 146,000 followers on Twitter, 70,000 subscribers on YouTube and 149,000 followers on TikTok.

Around 43% of its audience on TikTok is female, which shows its ability to attract a more balanced audience in a space believed to be dominated by male influencers.

His videos on YouTube and TikTok include tutorials on offline cryptocurrency backup, analysis of token price movements, and explanations of various trading techniques. His followers say they appreciate his demeanor and approachability.

No one is better at explaining these technical tools than Ela, a YouTube commentator said in a video about a price analysis technique.

I love these quick updates Wendy, please feel free to do a lot more, it really helps a lot, your peace of mind creates more peace of mind for me too.

She also runs a daily newscast that highlights the big events and happenings of the moment with commentary: Our first story goes to the most annoying person in cryptography:

Elon Musk, she said in a recent post, a reference to her ability to fly or drop bitcoin or other digital assets depending on tweets.

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