The real adoption of Bitcoin salaries

Are cryptocurrency wages an idea whose time has come? Maybe not. It’s one thing, after all, to dabble in Bitcoin (BTC) with one’s excess cash and quite another to take a significant portion of one’s salary in BTC.

People that stop and start the process of accumulating Bitcoin are actually worse off by trying to time the market, Poulton added, “rather than just doing the raw dollar-cost averaging strategy that our platform enables.”

Trending higher in 2022 Deel, a global payroll platform, regularly examines 100,000-plus cross-border hiring contracts in 150 countries to uncover trends. The firm reports that more and more employees are taking crypto as part of their salary.

“Our service does see an influx of new customers during bull markets and a drop away in transactions during bear markets. It’s an issue that we are still actively trying to address over the longer term.”

“By simply receiving a bit of your wages in Bitcoin and holding it in a secure wallet, one is saving for the future and preparing one’s family for a potential future inflationary environment.”

Overall, mass cryptocurrency adoption — along with crypto salaries — is probably inevitable over time, according to Green. “But there are still obstacles to be overcome, including a lack of understanding among older senior executives, scalability and regulatory concerns.”